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March 01, 2022

Tips To Control Your New York City Home Security With Your Phone

Nowadays, a home security system is more than keypads and alarms. Security may now involve smart locks, flood sensors, and a wide array of home automation components. To manage it all you are able to use your central command touchscreen when you are on site. Or, you have the ability to control your New York City home security with a phone.

Luckily, the responsive ADT cell phone app makes interacting with your devices a breeze.

Taking the First Steps With ADT Control

The first step to controlling your New York City home security system using your cell phone is through a download of ADT Control for your Android or Apple phone. Once the download is complete, your rep will instruct you through the proper settings. Once you’ve decided on your username and password credentials, you can log on using additional devices. If you want to activate your your alarms, press the shield icon. You are able to access any connected equipment from your phone, including smart lights and locks, surveillance systems, and sensors.

Control Your Devices From Wherever You Are

A home security app on your smartphone makes it easy to control devices within your residence with an easy tap of your finger. Forgot to secure the front door when you left? Just open the ADT Control App. You can set your alarm, check camera footage, turn lights on or off, turn up your HVAC, by using the right icon inside the app. Then receive instant alerts on your phone when any of your components detect an issue.

Improve Your View

If you control your New York City home security system with your phone, you have a real-time video feed of your residence and surroundings if your surveillance is turned on. Peruse live footage from any connected camera straight from your mobile device, and keep short video snapshots or a single image, and access lengthier videos as you wish. If visitors arrive at your door – the mail person, an Amazon or Grubhub driver, or a friend -- simply utilize the bi-directional audio functionality to speak with them.

Increase Functionality With Schedules And Geofencing

When you go to the central menu, you can explore several modern features. Use scheduling your comfort levels, sensors, smart lighting, and more by designing a custom scene. Here, you are able to program how your components communicate with each other, and when you would like them to activate or shut down. Create a bedtime scene that turns off all the main living area smart lights, turns on the outside entrance light, reduces the comfort levels, and engages your alarms. Then set a wake-up scene that does the opposite when the time comes to get out of bed.

If you would like to go even more high-tech, you can allow geo-services from your security app or touchscreen hub. Now, you can have your home secure itself by operating locks, switching off the lighting, and turning on your security alarm when you drive away. Then when you pull in from another day in the office, your house will come to life by automatically opening the garage and disengaging the alarms.

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